“Mindfulness is the first step to Mental Health!” -Tiffany Jones

“Be Mindful, Be Great, Be Healthy”

Holistic Approach Services

Divine Healing provides Mindfulness services, which include individual and group Therapy and Meditation sessions. Our Mindfulness sessions consist of client-centered therapeutic approaches using S.M.A.R.T. goals treatment plans, tools, and resources, specialized to meet the needs of each client. We also provide our services in Workshop Settings to focus on the foundation and education of Mindfulness and its benefits.

Case Management Services

Divine Healing offers Case Management services which include free referral servicing to help clients obtain wraparound services, such as housing, immigration services, and elderly care. Our services and products are designed to help our clients revitalize and maintain their well-being and mental health.

Aromatherapy Products

Divine Healing LLC values the importance of self-care. To help our clients thrive during meditative and relaxing moments, and enhance their self-care, we produce luxury handmade Aromatherapy Products (i.e., Hand poured, 100% soy wax candles and Handmade Shea Butters).

What We Offer


It is a top priority for Divine Healing LLC to have a strong rapport with clients to ensure they benefit from our services to reach their goals. We understand that trust is required to build rapport. Establishing trust influences effective communication, mutual respect, and effective collaboration. 

Strong Rapport

We uphold the value of the importance of relationships. To support our clients, we understand that there must be a strong therapeutic alliance. Building a strong rapport with our clients creates a level of trust and understanding. 


The main goal of Divine Healing LLC is to help clients maintain their mental health and well-being. Our services are designed to ensure clients receive consistent and adequate support to have positive life experiences. 


Divine Healing LLC has a keen interest in ensuring that adolescents have the proper support and tools needed for personal development. We also value the care and support that elderly individuals need as well. 

What Separates us
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Operated by professionally trained and educated Mental Health professionals and advocates
High-quality, individualized, and measurable therapeutic services based on your needs and attainable goals
Easily accessible and affordable services. Virtual and travel services are offered
Measured high quality results and customer satisfaction

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